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Available nationally with coverage throughout South Africa.
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About Zoneless

Zoneless communications is a legal entity integrated partnership with CM Holdings Direct. We at Zoneless communications bring the communicating power closer to you with our affordable variety if deals from mobile contracts to data contracts, airtime and SMS contracts and even sim only deals.


Our contracts are top up packages which allows you as a client not only to have airtime on the go but helps you not to run up a hefty bill which would prevent you from having financial strains

Mobile Contracts

Convenient and efficient comes with a mobile device; airtime; data and SMS package

Sim Only Deals

For any of the major network providers in South Africa

Data Contracts

Data to use anytime of the day at cheap and affordable rates, sim only deals

Airtime Contracts

Top up airtime on sim only deals

SMS Contracts

SMS bundles on sim only deal

Network Providers

We have a variety of deals available on a top up plan with these available networks. Giving you the choice to shop all in one place.

Let's Keep in Touch

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1236 Zoneless Road, Cape Town, CA 67890
+27 87 701 9083

CM Holdings Direct was originated from our main company CM industry (PTY) LTD. It was founded by the late Miriam Chetty on the 21st April 2013. our core business role was sales in different avenues and forms such as telesales; door to door sales with different entities.
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